Mindfulness Movement Meditation

Mindfulness Movement Meditation

Practitioners Involved: Ann O'Keeffe BA; MSc; DipHyp CS

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Thursdays 9.30 - 10.45 am (dates below)

Price: £8 per class (Starts 6th April 2017)

About the Mindfulness Movement & Meditation class

What exactly is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is learning to be more aware of our physical, mental and emotional state of being at a given moment, without judgement.

So, with regards to this class, the aim is to have the intention of keeping the mind in the movements as much as possible in order to forge a real sense of unity between mind and body. Simple, gentle movements can be equally as effective as the more complex or strenuous ones when performed with awareness. Mindful body work encourages us to use our intuition, to think about how we're moving, to monitor discomfort, make any necessary adjustments and use the breath to relax through the stretches. The breath is the anchor which focusses the mind and the force which moves the body and becoming aware of the breath and learning how to use it effectively is a key component of the class. Working in this way creates a feedback system so you can come to recognise where there is tension or discomfort and work to alleviate it.

To book or for more information please contact Ann on: 07791171980

You can also email Ann here

The class is divided into 3 parts:

Bodyscan: Teaches how to direct the breath to relax the body and develop an inner awareness of the mind and body from the inside out

Movement: Gentle stretches and movements are performed slowly and with awareness using the principles of Mindfulness

Meditation: A 15 minute meditation is practiced at the end of each class to create some space in our minds for quiet contemplation

Some reported benefits of Mindful Movement & Meditation practice are:

  • • Improved physical well-being – flexibility and less aches and pains
  • • Developing a sense of calm
  • • Experiencing better quality sleep and generally feeling more energized
  • • Gradual acquisition of a sense of self-awareness
  • • Developing efficient coping strategies in stressful situations

This class is for people of all abilities and no previous experience is necessary

Other venues: Silsoe Community Centre on Wednesdays 7-8.15pm