Elizabeth Everington

Elizabeth Everington

Lightning Process(R)

Website: www.nexstep.co.uk

Email: elizabeth@nexstep.co.uk

Telephone: 07580 105461

Do you feel you are UNDERACHIEVING, UNDERWHELMED, UNDER PAR? PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY? PERSONALLY, IN YOUR BUSINESS, IN LIFE? Then book a free call via my website to discover how I can help.

Elizabeth Everington BA (Hons), Adv NLP Coach Clin Hyp. Master NLP, DTLLS is a Ligntning Process Practitioner. I am BIH and CNHC registered.

Since recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) using Hypnotherapy, Life coaching and Osteopathy principles, I have trained in many disciplines in order to be able to help others achieve the same level of health and wellbeing that I experience every day.

Life presents challenges which as ancient man we did not have to deal with. Our fight and flight response system was designed to run for seconds, which was sufficient when dealing with the stresses of the distant past such as dangerous animals, however today our stressors last much longer: mortgages, divorce, work etc. When our fight and flight system is subjected to sustained arousal it causes problems: dietary issues such as over or under weight, poor digestion, or intolerances to foods; sensitivities to light, sound, touch resulting in severe headaches, skin conditions, pain and tiredness – even after sleeping; mental functioning such as lack of focus, retention, and memory. When we recognise these symptoms the solution is easy. Switch off the fight and flight response!

It is not normal to experience prolonged exposure to any of the above, and many more life limiting health issues, and with the skills I now own I am able to train and support you managing your life, and live a life you love with health and confidence.

One of the trainings I offer is the Lightning Process(R) seminars (LP), designed to achieve this calm in all situations. This is the training I engaged in to rid myself of ME/CFS and you can see testimonials of others I have helped on my website

In my role as an English teacher I have supported learners who experience exam nerves, stress and anxiety; people with fears, phobias, addictions; or going through changing times in work or relationships have all benefited from my combined use of Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and NLP, which underpins all of my work, and for those with overweight issues there is the Hypnoband Gastric band.

In business I offer bespoke packages addressing effective communication and motivational work as a whole group or one-to-one, in order to move you and your business forward to a highly achieving, motivated, and well-oiled machine.