Kanti Freeman

Kanti Freeman

Yoga, Sound Therapy and Reiki

Website: www.divine-harmony.co.uk

Email: kanti@divine-harmony.co.uk

Telephone: 07837 186370

'Do you know our soul is composed of harmony' Leonardo Da Vinci

Kanti runs Divine Harmony which is focused on providing people with tools for managing the stresses of modern day living, through 1 to 1, group/class/ & workshop sessions.

Kanti is a fully qualified and insured Sound Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner.

Here at The Clophill Centre Kanti currently offers Sound Therapy, Yoga & Reiki as 1 to 1 sessions and she also runs a Yoga class here on a Wednesday morning.

In 1 to 1 sessions Kanti often combines some or all of the above to help facilitate transformation within people’s lives. She has found these to be effective ways of removing mental and energetic blocks, and draws on her own experience with clinical depression and anxiety. It was this experience that inspired her to train as a Yoga Teacher as Yoga played an important part in her recovery, allowing her to reconnect with the spirit within. Through Yoga she found the healing power of sound and trained as a Sound Therapist, all of which enables her to share with others what she has found to be beneficial to herself.

Kanti is absolutely passionate about this and whether you are depressed, anxious or grappling with stress in your life and the physiological effect it can have upon the body or simply looking for some much needed ’me time’, she aims to make her 1 to 1 sessions, classes and workshops empowering, balancing & energising.

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The Hatha Yoga class has a maximum of 10 in a session, this allows for plenty of individual attention to be given to each student and to adjust postural alignment as necessary. There is an emphasis on deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) in this class.

Sound Therapy is the therapeutic application of sound to the body with the intention of restoring balance. This can have an effect on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level. The sounds/vibrations can be applied with the voice, tuning forks, singing bowls, gong, drum etc. It works on the principal that illness is a sign that we have become 'out of tune' or 'out of balance' and that by placing resonant sounds in and around the body again we can 're-tune' it bringing it back into balance and harmony once again. Each 1 to 1 session is unique to the individual.

Singing Bowl

Group Sound Therapy is available in the form of a Gong/Sound Bath, which Kanti calls a Sound Journey, in this session you simply lie down and receive the sounds of a variety of sacred sound instruments such as singing bowls and gongs, which is deeply relaxing and can assist in rebalancing you on every level.

Why not book a group session as a special treat for family and friends?

Reiki is recognised as being an ancient system that maximises your innate healing potential that may have originated in Tibet. A Reiki practitioner is a 'pipe' through which Universal Life Force Energy flows to the recipient through either placing hands on the body or working in the energetic body (aura). Kanti offers Reiki as a therapy in itself, but will also be likely use it in a Sound Therapy session too, to assist the energy unblocked by sound to move out of the body more swiftly.


Sessions are £45 per hour, however if you block book and pay for 3 sessions you receive a £20 discount.

Please note last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours) may still be charged.

Please look at the Classes & Events page for new sessions developing.

Visit Kanti's website www.divine-harmony.co.uk for more details.