Shamanic Counsellor


Telephone: 07834 655171

Keith brings an uncommon breadth of experience to his work as a Shamanic Practioner.

He has practiced as a healer for over 10 years, complementing his shamanic and spiritual approach to the work and life as a Therapist, Coach and Reiki Master. Client empowerment and opportunity is central to his work.

His spirituality has led him down the path of shamanism, whereupon he took his initial Practitioner Training course at Eagles Wings, with Leo Rutherford and his team and subsequently the Professional Practitioner Training with Simon Buxton of the Sacred Trust Keith continues his personal and professional development with both Leo and Simon, and to expand further by exploring what it is to be a Rainbow Warrior

Keith is a father of five and a grandfather to two, and enjoys playfully nurturing, especially the sacred clown in us all, as useful antidote to the seriousness that healing often has to address. He trained in both Person Centred & Psychodynamic Counselling, both of which were powerful precursors to his qualification as a Human Givens therapist

He has worked extensively in the business worlds both as a finance director, a CEO and consultant with various professional qualifications including an MBA, HG Dip.P and FCCA. He is also unusual in the sense that he has and continues to devote much time and energy helping others through his charitable work, which has included Samaritans, the homeless, in prisons and with addicts

It is with this background that Keith is able to address a very wide range of issues with an equal variety of approaches ranging from acting as a life coach to sacred dreaming. Keith is very pragmatic in his approach and sees dysfunction as simply 'stuck or misplaced energy' and will use whatever technique that meets the client fully and works to release or move it; he has an individual approach that puts nurturing and gentle humour at the centre of the process.