Shakti Dance

Practitioners Involved: Lulila

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Date / Time: Tuesdays monthly

Price: £15

Come join us for a monthly class of Shakti Dance here in the Birch Room at the Clophill Centre.

Allow Lulila to guide you through the 8 phases of Shakti Dance, these phases include tuning in, shakti stretches, choreographed dance, free dance, celestial communication, meditation and tuning out.

Each phase is a fundamental part of the whole class and will move the energy in different ways, allowing you to feel and experience different states of being, we will go deep within our bodies and explore the different layers and bodies that we hold, release some of the old patterns and behaviours that we have accumulated through out our lives, Shakti Dance can help us to clear energy blocks that can prevent us from moving forward and really embracing our lives, Shakti Dance has helped me to find the joy of life and also to realise I am the creator of my reality.

So if you love yoga, dance, feedom of expression and sitting in a sacred circle with like minded souls come and join us. Next sessions 13th November and 11th December

To book your place please contact: Lulila via email

Please bring a blanket, cushion and yoga mat

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