Journeys Round the Wheel – 4 Modules

Thu 17/2/22 - 4:00 pm to Tue 22/2/22 - 6:00 pm

Practitioner: Leo Rutherford with Ruth Humming Ford & Paul Cerigo
Venue: The Birch Room

June 10 to 14th & August 26 to 30th & November 4 to 8th and February 2022 tbc

Four Modules of 4 days each - South, West, East, North

Each Module is complete in itself. together they make a journey round the wheel of life. Can be taken separately or as a series.

SOUTH – June 10-14th 2021 Trust & Innocence – The past is the wellspring of the present and holds both the gifts and the burdens we carry forward in our lives.

WEST – August 26 – 30th 2021 Making death an ally – The Earth and our connection to everything physical. This includes our own body which is our Soul’s ‘Vehicle of-Experience’ for this life on earth.

EAST – November 4 – 8th 2021 Exploring the Magical Child – East is also the realm of the Magical Child part of us that knows no past and no future, is always in the NOW, is fully ‘being’ – and not ‘doing’. Trance dance, drumming, play, magic

NORTH – Early 2022 tbc Dreaming our futures – Seeing the future we wish to experience, both individually and collectively, ‘dreaming’ our desired futures into being.

Where: Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Beds MK45 4BT. Residence available at Clophill or local B&Bs etc.

Cost: £355 per module. Including food Sat/Sun/Mon. Booking deposit £100

Info/Booking: Email: Tel: 01525 861456 / 01525 862278


Note: If you would also like information about other workshops and events at the Centre please contact Richard Diss on

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