The Womb Space

The Womb space – this dedicated area is located just inside the Clophill Centre entrance on the righthand side. The focus of this particular yurt was birthed by Su Bear as a ceremonial space for working with the energy of the Divine Feminine. A place of creation, a safe sanctuary of nurturement, holding, security and unconditional love a sacred place for gathering, nurturing, stillness and being.

Over the years of dancing with the rhythms of the Divine Feminine, Su has created a wonderful space for many different events ranging from Drumming circles, medicine tool and drum making, Sisterhood circles and Red Tent time for women. So, if you know that inner yearning, feel that calling, hear the feminine energy whispering to you, please do come and allow yourself to surrender to being held by the loving energy of The Womb. Come, be still, listen to yourself. Be held in love, whether it’s for a few hours, a night, or longer.

And as with the Centre as a whole, at the heart of Su’s work is the search for ever greater connection.

Contact Su  or 07882606654

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