Ancestral Healing Gathering

Fri 1/1/21

Practitioner: Salvatore Gencarelle
Price: ££12.50 per circle

Have you ever felt like you are carrying something in your life that doesn't belong to you and that it colours your experience of life to the point where you can't break free?

We are all a product of the lives of our ancestors and even though they lived long ago, we live in the ripples of their actions and experiences. Whilst they have given us the great gift of life, there is also the possibility that we are carrying their unhealed trauma within us.

In the past, when we lived in connection, these ripples of trauma would have been repeatedly cleansed through ceremony to bring us back into health and balance before we could return to the heart of the village. In our modern society the ripples of current and historic trauma continue and to build upon one another to the point where the disconnection within us is considered 'normal' and disconnection has now become the new 'norm'.

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