About us

Our Mission

We preserve and promote sacred traditions by hosting talks, workshops, and events that honour and celebrate ancient wisdom, Spirit and nature connection, as well as facilitate complementary healing therapies performed by qualified practitioners who are aligned to our holistic values.

Our Vision Statement

Through our work at The Clophill Centre, we help to re-establish mankind’s connection to nature so that all living species may flourish on earth.

We endeavour to hold a safe place for self-exploration and community engagement, where dogma is discarded and people with open minds and hearts seek new ways of relating to each other and the natural world.

We are a resource for healing through a dynamic mix of ancient wisdom, experiential workshops, and nature connection.

Through this practice, we are part of the solution for bringing harmony and peace to our world.

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Hire Our Venues

Intrinsic to our unique service offering are the various venues on our premises that are available for hire by organisations and individuals who are aligned to our mission and values. Please Contact Us for more information.

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Our Team

Richard and Katarina Diss are the guardians of The Clophill Centre, along with their family Edward, Max and Jacob, as well as their animal helpers, Hogan and Kitty.

Enhancing and maintaining the environment is the resilient force of energy, James Heel, whose true devotion and creative touch underpins the development of our centre.

Alex and Kim Mcfadden created, nurture and build the flower and herb garden, which provides people with practical ways to enjoy a deeper connection with nature.

We would also like to acknowledge the support from many other wonderful people over the years. Their input helped to make The Clophill Centre what it is today and laid our foundations for the future.

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Our History

The old church, formerly known as The Church of St Mary The Virgin, is situated to the north of The Clophill Centre. This ruin sits at the crest of the Greensand Ridge in Bedfordshire. As with many such old churches, it was built on an ancient sacred site. The surrounding fields are believed to have been set aside for healing. Now, this ancient sacred site has come full circle, and the surrounding fields are once again being set aside for healing – here at our centre.

The connection between Richard Diss and the land on which The Clophill Centre has been constructed stretches back to when he was a young man, some forty years ago. He was travelling around the world seeking adventure, inspiration, and direction when he found this special site.

The purpose and vision for the land have changed over the years. What started out as a PYO (Pick Your Own) fruit farm, shifted into dried flower production, and then finally settled as a sacred sanctuary. The one constant has been Richard’s strong connection to the land coupled with his unshakeable conviction that there is an inseparable link between the natural and spiritual world.

Whilst training to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique, Richard met and married his wife, Katarina. She shares his deep love and passion for the land and is also fascinated with ancient sacred traditions from around the world.

Together with their three boys, friends and helpers, Richard and Katarina have created a haven where folks can visit, teach, share, and transform their lives. The land is honoured, respected, and cherished. In return, Mother Earth shares her plentiful bounty and rich vitality for humans to enjoy.

As a place for sacredness and connection to nature, The Clophill Centre has been blessed by a wide variety of teachers and healers from all over the world of many traditions.

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