The Clophill Centre - opening doorways to the Sacred - reconnecting with nature - a place to celebrate life - for inspirational teachings

The Clophill Centre is dedicated to sharing sacred traditions. Set on an exquisite 14-acre site, this idyllic and unique venue is a place to learn from leading practitioners, reconnect with Mother Nature, and be inspired to live in harmony with the earth and all living creatures.

We offer a wide range of interesting spaces to hire for talks, workshops, and events that are aligned with our values, ethics, and philosophy. Come indulge in ancient wisdom, discover new knowledge, and celebrate life’s special events with us.


Hire Our Venues

We can offer you various unique spaces to hire for your workshops or events. Whether you need a quiet, intimate room for small groups or wide open fields for festivals, we’ll happily accommodate you. See your options…


Join Our Events

Our monthly program is usually jam-packed with powerful speakers and practitioners who eagerly share their specialist knowledge and experience with our community members.


Stay With Us

We love hosting people from all walks of life in our unique accommodations. You can spend as much time as you like in our Tree House, Mongolian Yurt, or camping under the stars in our meadows and fields.


Meet Our Practitioners

We’ve hand-picked a collective of powerful practitioners who do wonderful work in the field of healing, personal development, and spiritual growth. They'll help you on your journey of self-discovery and support you lovingly every step of the way.


Attend Our Classes

We are proud to host a range of interesting and informative classes for locals who wish to enhance their well-being, expand their minds, and immerse themselves in a community of like-minded people seeking personal growth and development.


Take A Virtual Tour

Pour yourself a cuppa something warm and delicious, and then take a few minutes out of your very busy day to explore video footage of our venue. You’ll discover the features that make our centre unique and fascinating, and realize the magnificent benefits of this sacred space.

Featured Event

The Sacred Fire Ceremony

How would you like to experience an ancient fire ceremony that stems from the Huichol Traditions of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico?

Join Richard and Katarina Diss in this private and exclusive ceremony which they’ve performed every month for over 18 years. Give offerings to Grandfather Fire, share what’s on your heart with a friendly community of like-minded people, play drums, and dance with the spirit of fire well into the night. Booking is essential. Reserve your spot now to avoid disappointment.

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