Sacred Fire Ceremony

The Sacred Fire

Once a month, we hold a Community Fire at The Clophill Centre. It provides you with an opportunity to connect both with likeminded people and the Spirit of the Fire.

The fires are normally held on the third Saturday of the month. The ceremony starts around 7:30pm, so it’s best to arrive 20 minutes early to get a good seat.

The Fire Ceremony is based on the Huichol Traditions of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico whose spiritual traditions were left untouched by the early Christian invaders. Richard was initiated as a Firekeeper in this tradition more than 10 years ago and has been holding monthly fires ever since.

The event is free. Donations are welcomed. Booking is essential.

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What To Bring:

The ceremony usually ends with dancing, music, and celebration, so you’re welcome to bring a drum, rattle or other instrument.

It’s best to wear old clothes because they’ll probably get smokey.

Offerings of tobacco are made to the fire.

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A few words from a regular visitor to the fire...

If you haven’t been yet then I highly recommend it!

“The Sacred Fire is a ‘community’ event in the truest sense of the word. It’s a wonderful opportunity to sit in a circle with others, connect with the Fire (or Grandfather), be outside with nature, share thoughts, feelings (if you wish to), stories and jokes, drum, and simply step aside from the hectic activity of daily life. It offers the space to sit, be still and reconnect, which can be seen as a rare commodity in these times and something of great value. I have sometimes arrived at the Fire feeling very heavy and over burdened and yet by the time I leave I feel completely clear, light and re-energised.”

Come along and experience this wonderful evening for yourself!