Our Permaculture Garden

The Garden

Founded by Richard Diss and Alex Greaves, this extraordinary community project is now lovingly maintained by Alex and Kim McFadden. Together, they cultivate a wide range of medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables using regenerative methods based on Permaculture and Biodynamics. The objective is to relearn the value of connecting with nature in more meaningful ways.

“We observe the many interactions that take place within Nature, as well as the rhythm and flow of the seasons, and then work with these elements to co-create a space that is abundant with life, enriching the lives of all who visit our garden and enjoy its bounty.” Alex

We know from experience that nature provides us with everything we need to sustain ourselves and thrive: from the food that nourishes us, and the medicinal herbs that keep us balanced, to the ecosystem that supports us and every other living species. We honour this mutually beneficial relationship by tending to the land and plants, and then give back to our community by sharing our experience via courses, workshops, and open days.

Through this labour of love and devotion, we aid others to awaken to the abundance in Nature. Our gift to them is the principles and practices they need to work in harmony with Mother Earth in their communities for the benefit of all.

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Alex & Kim both trained in Biodynamic Horticulture, Q’ero Medicine Practices, and Nature Connection Mentoring. They are passionate about creating communities that are rooted in reverence for the natural world.

This loving, caring couple enjoy helping people to bring out their innate gifts and share them with the world. They founded the Wild Roots Nature Connection Community to support Culture Regeneration via Nature Connection.

If you would like to roll up your shirt sleeves and help out in our garden, please email Alex: rootsinature6@gmail.com