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The Round House

This is a 9 mtr diameter Roundhouse nestled in the woods at the Centre this is a focus for community celebration, a resource for nature connection, education and workshops.

Chairs, tables, floor coverings, basic refreshment equipment can be provided depending on the hirers needs.

The walls are bare straw bales, the roof is open in the centre (this can be covered if required) and a fire bowl is available or using the ground in the centre. ( a fire extinguisher is located here and hirers will need to have procedures in place to deal with any fire emergency)

It has been one of the visions of Clophill to have a Roundhouse and this space has been honoured and blessed during the building process. The Roundhouse still needs to have the finishing touches in construction and if you would like to donate to this project or offer your skills please  register your interest via the Clophill Centre


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