Shamanic Cacao Journey 

Sun 4/12/22 - 12:00 pm

Dec 4th 12-3pm
Shamanic Cacao Journey
with Rebecca White
Join a trained Cacaoista on a deep dive in to the subconscious. Connect with the spirit of Cacao in a spacious Shamanic Journey.
Cards and intentions will be pulled and set before we take the medicine and lay down to travel in to the unseen realms.
Guided by Rebecca you will safely arrive to your own inner sacred space to converse with what ever is needed for your intentions and greatest and highest good.
Cacao can help us reconnect with our inner nature, opening up the heart, healing any blockages, emotional wounds and disconnection. This powerful but gentle experience will leave you further up the path of reconnection with possible plans in action to move forward.
This ceremonial grade cacao can also be drunk daily as a powerful superfood to keep your body, mind and connection nourished during these dark months.
We can’t wait to journey together with you.
Exchange - £45 keen bean price, £50 (13th Nov onwards)
Instagram - @ShamanicCacao

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