Mir Ali

Mir Ali

I’ve been learning about the human body, medicine and martial arts since I was a child, born into a family where both sides had medics and traditional medicine practitioners. Below is an outline of some of my recent professional education.

Acupuncture Licentiate

September 1998 - July 2001

A three year degree level course at The London College of Traditional Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine which taught the foundations of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at undergraduate level.  After the course I attended a three week clinical observation and practise at Zhejiang Hospital, Hangzhou, China, before moving into private practice in the UK.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

July 2004 - July 2005 (Patent Herbal Medicine) August 2008 - June 2010 (Raw Herbal Medicine)

Undergraduate level education in the understanding, practise and prescription of Classical and Modern Herbal Medicine.

Yin Style Bagua Apprenticeship

April 2011 - Present

Continuing education, practise and internship as a senior practitioner with The Association of Traditional Studies; post graduate level education in the areas of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Bodywork, Chinese Philosophy and Daoyin.

I specialise in the areas of Women's health and injury rehabilitation.  Preferring to take an integrative approach, I usually use a combination of Acupuncture and Bodywork to help you gain the best possible results.


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