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Donate to The Clophill Centre

Here at Clophill, like many such organisations whose focus is to create an environment to help others rather than the bottom line, we are constantly juggling resources. We would love to do more to create a sustainable future but are constrained by our finances.

If you feel able to make a donation to the work, however small, we would be really grateful.

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Volunteering at Clophill

The Clophill Centre has been enhanced over the years by volunteers who have been involved in working on various projects. Some volunteers are interested in connecting with nature and wish to be part of the team that maintains the land, trees and plants by helping to trim bushes and tending the woodland area. Other volunteers have brought their expertise to work on larger projects such as the construction and beautifying of the Earth Chamber, creating a labyrinth or developing the Round House.

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Type Of Work

If you would like to volunteer at Clophill there are some current projects you can be involved with:

Current Projects

  • Round house building
  • Ongoing tending of the woodland

Future projects

  • Stone Circle
  • Re-structuring the Earth Chamber

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Clophill is also seeking volunteers who have skills that could be utilised in projects such as stone crafting, metal work, woodwork, engineering, construction and permaculture expertise. Also, if you have a passion for admin, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Clophill has a list for people who wish to volunteer. So if you would like to join this please express your interest and contact Richard Diss outlining your interest, any skills you wish to offer and any particular focus you have.