Body in Balance Qi Gong Exercise Class

Practitioners Involved: Sarah Wale

Venues Used: The Birch Room

Thurs evenings  7pm  – 8.15 pm

To book please contact Sarah on 07770 942438 or email: In the Birch room A new beginners/intermediate group Level 1 commencing Thursday 12th May  - a 6 week term, 7 till 8.15

it is £60 for 6 weeks

These exercises are tried and tested (over 30 years) and are a unique synthesis originating in large part from China and Japan. It includes movements and sequences of movements that work on:

  • Improving your mobility/flexibility
  • Strengthening the way your body works as a connected whole
  • Feeling physically different, more alive and vital
  • Relaxation of mind and body

Body balance - a unique combination of:

  • Joint mobility techniques
  • Stretching
  • Postural awareness and connection
  • Core flexibility
  • Self massage
  • Energy work

Guidance...Please wear loose comfortable clothing, layering is helpful as we can cool down/heat up in different sections, bring soft indoor shoes or trainers for the Birch room. Could you also also bring a yoga mat as we will be doing some floor work. To find out more about these classes and Sarah's work please contact her via email or the phone.

contact Sarah on 07770 942438 or email:

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