Hedgerow Medicine Course

Practitioners Involved: Kim McFadden

Venues Used: Roundhouse

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Are you longing to identify some of the medicinal plants of the British isles?
To know the myth and lore of some of our wonderful plant allies?
Understand how to forage and Wildcraft different remedies and when to use them?
dates for 2023
19th march
23 april
21st may
18 june
22nd of july
16th september

Join Kim on a journey through the seasons to connect and deepen our relationship to native plants and the medicine they bring.

To book your place please contact Kim by email: kim.shaman@gmail.com

The course includes:

  • Time in Nature
  • Journaling
  • Creative Expression
  • Plant identification and practical skills
During a day of plant exploration we will be taking a journey through our senses to come into communion with our native medicine plants. To listen, learn and to live in deeper connection with the plants that we move past everyday.
Together we will do this through various techniques and exercises that are fun and easy for you to explore. There will be space for your artistic and creative expression.
We will journal the experience creating our own plant medicine books to use as a reference in the future. You will forage and Wild harvest the plant with guided experience - prepare and make an oil or tincture. Also Learn other ways to harness the healing qualities of the plant and how the plant is going to benefit you specifically.
Held in a open friendly and warm environment where all are welcome.....new or experienced in plant medicine. Set in the 13 acre grounds of organic well tended land.
This is a practical learning environment so clothes to suit the weather is needed. We will share our experiences around the fire undercover. I hope to see you then.
Venue - roundhouse - 10.30am - 4.30pm
Exchange for the session is £45 this includes what you need for a remedy or tincture to take home.
There will be only 15 places available
please email me to book your place any of the course dates -kimrootsinnature@gmail.com
"It will help broaden your horizons in the medicinal plant world, teach you how to make herbal preparations from your own garden or local hedgerows and connect you with plants on a much deeper level. I can honestly say Hedgerow Medicine is a unique combination of herbalism, earth-centered shamanism and intuitive healing. If you approach a plant with love and respect, they will certainly respond. In fact some of the plants we covered, blew me away with the stories they had to share!"
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