Phoenix Self Development Group

Phoenix Self Development Group with Juanita Puddifoot

Join Juanita with like minded people to explore ways of working with life’s issues  

*Explore how to bring flow and release what restricts you. *Find the meaning to your shamanic journeys! *Heal the emotional hurts that still vibrate within! *Release the Past Life residues  * Communicate with your Ancestors * Find ways to feel connected and centred!

This is an invitation to deepen your awareness and experience different approaches to healing and transforming the wounds we carry. During each evening we will use different methods such as:- 

  • Deep memory Process techniques- past lives
  • shamanic practice - journeying meanings and rituals,
  • inner child work - integration, dialogue, 
  • Ancestor communication and release
  • Energy work - expanding awareness

with group exercises, discussion and sharing to help processing.

Influences can also be from our present life, from our family dynamics, from our ancestors unfinished lives including the soul wounds of our past lives.

If you are wanting to deepen your awareness, to transform the patterns and negative influences that are influencing your life. Come and be part of a supportive community in the wonderful energy of Clophill Centre where we will be honouring your journey and finding new ways to move forward.

join me on this journey and help grow and develop the energy of community.

To begin each evening we will be using smudge as marker to step into a different vibration. 

Come and experience the group open to all -  £12.50  -

Next dates 2022 

Dec 6 th tues   - 7.15pm to 9.45pm
An evening of Dream Celebration - a focus on your vision you wish to manifest.
Please bring food and drink to share please liaise with juanita so we have different items.
First we will share our dreams for the future, our visions we would like to manifest or if you do not know your vision explore ideas with the group. We will also journey for resources, wisdom and guidance to carry you through the darkness of winter.
We will also eat and drink to celebrate the connection with our dream/ visions. This season is to 'go within' to incubate and nourish your Dreams for the spring and coming new energy of next year.
To imbued the dream we will be asking our Ancestors Stone to carry the energy of our dreams to unfold as we sleep.
Please bring indoor shoes, blanket and blindfold, note pad and pen. £12.50  Essential to book contact tel 07455269891
January 10 th  7.30pm to 9.30pm


Please bring :- note pad and pen, blanket to lie on, blind fold/scarf, indoor shoes for room, water bottle

For more information Juanita –  tel 07455 269891

Juanita Puddifoot :- is a professional counsellor, therapist and International teacher and lecturer, she teaches Regression, Psychotherapy, Shamanism, Nature Connection practices, Elemental Communication, Ancestor and Spirit Release.  

To book a personal 1 to 1 session to explore, transform any of life's issues please contact her on the above details.

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