Shamanic Quest Drum Circle

Practitioner : Melanie Tomsett

Venues Used: The Yurt

Price: £12 per circle. Please reserve spaces in advance.

This is a New Moon Drum Circle that falls either before, on or just after a New Moon giving participants access to the energies of either a waning, new or waxing moon.

Information on Dates and Fees are to be found at the end of the page.


  • To deepen knowledge and practice of shamanism through connection to spirit
  • To strengthen connection to helping spirit
  • Create a safe and consistent structure for practice


  • Working with Motive only of love and harmony
  • Non-judgmental
  • Use shamanic healing wisely, humbly, respectfully & compassionately
  • In the circle, resist the impulse to analyse another or interpret their experience, don’t compare your experiences to others
  • Confidentiality
  • Promote a harmonious circle, spirits are attracted to harmony.

Focus & Purpose:

  • To use shamanic practices only
  • To expand our shamanic awareness and knowledge
  • To build and maintain our group connection and support each other

Held at the time on or around the New (Hag) Moon, a time when the energies are fast-flowing and moving towards us.

Please join us for a fun and lively drum circle in the beautiful grounds of the Clophill Centre where we hold a friendly and inclusive group.
This drum circle is aligned in harmony with the Moon and Medicine Wheel to explore aspects of shamanic practices or principles that pertain and are helpful to our lives at this time.
2021 Dates
Tues 9, thurs 24
Fri 9th, thurs 22
Weds 4th, fri 20
Mon 6th, mon 20th
Tues 5, tues 19
Thurs 4, Thursday 18
fri 17
Shamanic Quest Solstice Celebration

21st December 2021
7.30pm - 10pm
Exchange £15
Please bring your own snacks and drinks
This is an evening of Celebration. We will drum, journey, have a small ceremony  and enjoy each others company on this very special evening.
If you would like to join us, please book your place by contacting Melanie on 07940 878729 or email
Exchange £12
Booking essential.
Please contact melanie on 07940 878729

To book your place please contact Melanie on : 07940 878729

You can also email Melanie here

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