Song Spiral

Practitioners Involved: Ruth – Soundhoppers

Venues Used: The Yurt

Date / Time: Wednesday 7.30 – 9.30 pm monthly

Price: £15

The songs take us on a road deep into ourselves, deeper into earth memory. Singing in groups is incredibly beneficial to our hearts and minds!

13th July, 17th August, 14th September and so in four weekly cycle.

The songs gives us a place to stand in connection. When we sing we are lending our voices to the long line of ancestors that have sung before us.

This is a ceremonial space, care is taken to honour the seasonal moments as we travel the wheel of life. Our mingling voices travel on spiralling paths that connect us through time and space. Song is healing, it is a community calling and can take you where you need to go. Aided by drumming, rattles and bells, ordinary time shifts into timeless.

To book your place please contact: Ruth - 07961 504243 or email:

This space is open to all, male and female, young and old. If you feel resistance to singing in groups then it just may be that you will enjoy the experience all the more! The power of finding your voice and entering the spirit of these old songs cannot be underestimated.

Refreshment provided

The circle is usually held in the main yurt on the left of track. Occasionally we may walk into different areas of the land.

To learn more about my work:

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