Wild Women Circle – Be, play, learn, connect

When women join together something magical happens. 

  • The Wild Women circle is a monthly gathering with the purpose of pausing and turning inward amongst like minded women. 
  • We welcome you to come and join us for new connections, exploring spirituality, and a safe space to be heard and seen. 
  • Every month these sisterhood meetings are themed around the cycles of that time and offer a confidential and non judgemental  space to connect, share, and empower each other's healing.
  • Each circle will be lovingly guided and may include visualisation, healing, clay & symbol creating, cards, movement, energy and dreamwork. These powerful tools are effective forms of communication that will help you drop into your ideas, feelings and desires in a safe space. 
  • cost - £23
  • Please book your space via this link  https://tktp.as/ESYFHB phone: 07825627334 Email: kirsty@onewomancottage.co.uk
  • Follow onewomancottage on fb and instagram for more updates 
  • 2023 Dates:Thursday 26th Jan Tuesday 21st Feb Tuesday 21st March (Birch Room) Thursday 20th April Thursday 18th May Tuesday 20th June Tuesday 18th July Thursday 17th August Tuesday 12th Sept Thursday 12th Oct Tuesday 14th Nov Thursday 14th Dec
  • 7:30-9:30pm
  • Meet you in the yurt, through the gate at the entrance on the left hand side.
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