Amazonian Guayusa tea ceremony

Fri 9/7/21 - 7:00 pm to Sat 10/7/21 - 11:30 am

Amazonian Guayusa tea ceremony - July friday 9th evening to mid day 10th

We are excited to offer you a unique and authentic experience with Kurikindi who is an indigenous Amazonian shaman, born in the rainforest in Ecuador and comes from a long line of traditional intuitive Amazonian Shamans. Since childhood, he has walked the path of a shaman. In his family there is no separation between everyday life and shamanic life. Before he could even walk or talk he was immersed in the shamanic way of life. He feels that growing up in this atmosphere was a great privilege and an honour. Kurikindi had the unique opportunity to learn from and work along side both male and female shamans as both of his parents and both of his grandparents were shamans. He is now coming to the clophill centre to share with us the tradition of a Guayusa tea ceremony.

Preparation - You will be welcome at the centre to pitch your tent from 4.30pm on Friday ready to start at 7pm. This will be a self catered event so please bring breakfast should you need.

Ceremony –

We will gather around the fire at 7pm to meet with Kurikindi where he will share about himself and his traditions and we will prepare for the morning ceremony.  We will then rise together with the sun to gather once more around the fire, share our dreaming and receive Guayusa. Kurikindi will then listen and aid us to interpret our dream time.

We will wake as a community at sunrise- 4am ( with gentle drum and song to aid your waking)  and begin our dream recall and ceremony.

You will then be welcome to stay until 11.30am to rest and take your time to integrate before needing to pack up and depart.

The exchange for this event is on a sliding scale of £45 - 65, depending on what is possible for you.

We have 15 places available - Update - only 4 places left

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