Ancestor Healing & Communication

Sat 22/10/22 - 10:00 am

Practitioner: Juanita Puddifoot
Venue: The Birch Room

We are here because of our ancestors. We inherit their gifts, talents and unfortunately we take on their burdens and neuroses Explore how to communicate, listen to their messages, honour their gifts, and  transform any unfinished business or negative influences.

Experiential day, using Deep Memory Process techniques and shamanic practices. October is the perfect time to reach through the veil.

For everyone the threads of our connections to our ancestors weaves a colourful tapestry of thousands of lives. Our ancestors are people who are blood related and also who lived their lives as part of the family in some form such as a nanny, foot man or worker who lived/worked on the family. Any of our ancestors energy can be influencing our lives today without us consciously knowing, this can be positively or negatively. Some ancestors die full of regrets, feeling unfinished about something in their life, they may be unresolved with people or unhappy about something and they do not feel ready to leave the earth plane. When this happens some of their energy or spirit can stay around the place they die, or their energy can hang around family members and filter through the generations down to the client today.

Join Juanita to explore what energy is still vibrating in your life today and how to connect with their gifts and help them let go of carrying anything negative. So that the present and future generations can connect with flow and abundance.

open to anyone interested and willing to share.

bring own lunch, bottle water, indoor footwear, blind fold/scarf, blanket to lie on, note pad and pen. bring suitble outdoor clothing as we may be outside for exercises and a ritual depending on the group energy and connections.

Booking a place is essential Cost –  £55  (reductions possible) if paid before 14th oct after this date £65

further information contact tel 07455269891

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