Autumn Equinox Ceremony – Wisdom Of The Condor

Fri 16/9/22 - 7:00 pm

Practitioner: Anthar Kharana
Venue: The Round House


Join Anthar Kharana for an evening of ceremony as we approach the Autumn Equinox. We will gather and together and receive the teachings and wisdom of the Condor - The teacher of forgiveness. This powerful ally can help lift us to see the greater perspective, the patterns in our life, so we can rise beyond intolerance into the warmth of forgiveness.

This ceremony will be a Traditional Tabaco Ceremony where Anthar will share songs to sing along and prayers for the wellness of our families and our spiritual self care.

This ceremony will be held at the the Sacred Labyrinth @ The Clophill Centre LOCATION: Clophill Centre in Bedford Closest Train Station - Flitwick





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