Constellation days – Stepping into your own agency

Sat 28/5/22 - 9:30 am

Abigail Iquo Isuo
Practitioner: Abigail Iquo Isuo
Venue: The Birch Room

We are pleased to announce that Abigail will be holding a 1 day experiential workshop on Saturday 28th May 2022 Clophill.

The theme will be “Stepping into your own agency by owning and honouring your place in your family system”.

The day will start with an active meditation to drop into the body and to open inner awareness. Be prepared for inquiry and sharing’s. Abigail likes to work inclusively and with whatever the field wants to share on the day, thus a flexible attitude and open heart is crucial.

There will be 4 constellations, time permitting 5.  Everyone will come as a representative.  Names of people who would like an issue/question exploring will be placed into a ‘hat’ on the day and we trust the process as to whom is chosen.

It is £90 for the day and for issue/question holders it will be an extra £50.

Registration 9am for a 9.30 start. Finishing 5.30 - 6pm.

Please bring food to share for lunch

For bookings contact Richard Diss: -  via email       office 01525 862 278        mobile 07587 055 699

Note: If you would also like information about other workshops and events at the Centre please contact Richard Diss on

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