Family Constellation

Sat 10/12/22 - 10:00 am to Sun 11/12/22 - 5:00 pm

Practitioner: Elaine Harris
Venue: The Birch Room

Bring your Personal or Business Issues to be Constellated in a powerful group workshop session.

his workshop is now a 2 day event.

About The Event

You may choose to pay at the manual checkout electronic transfer, or bring cash on the day.


Sometimes we have recurring patterns in our life, both personal and professional that nothing we do seems to change and we’re left wondering where yet again we are ‘going wrong?’ We feel that we ‘should’ be able to fix whatever it is that is our issue and yet the solution continues to evade us no matter what we try and do or how hard we ‘search’ for the answer.

The Family and Business Constellations process explores these kinds of life challenges and problems in a different way - Using a wider, more systemic lens, it looks at the individual or business that exists as part of a greater system of family, culture, environment and conscience, rather than seeing it as something that functions as a purely independent unit.

The Question/Issue Holder - the one who wishes to take a deeper look into their personal or organisational dilemma. There is often more than one Question Holder in each group and thus a Question Holder may also act as a Representative in another’s Constellation.

The Representatives or Resources - the ones who offer themselves in service of the Field of the Question Holder to represent people or elements within the Question Holders system. Taking part in other people’s constellations as a Representative is entirely optional and you are not obliged to accept the invitation when asked. It must be noted though that it is very common that someone else’s work can touch you as deeply as your own, and even just being a witness to another’s constellation can be a powerful experience…..


If you would like more information please don't hesitate to contact me at

Question holder places are limited to 5 so if you would like your Question Constellated please book early to avoid disappointment.

£95 Issue Holder place and £50 for a rep.

Note:you are welcome to attend both days for the price listed above though if you feel there has been added value for you, please feel free to give more, though there is no expectation.

if you want to come along and be a Representative - you can often get just as much out of doing that as you can from being a Question Holder.

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