Elements Sound Journey

Thu 18/11/21 - 7:30 pm to Thu 18/11/21 - 9:30 pm

Practitioner: Ruth Humming Ford
Venue: The Yurt
For the Lunar Eclipse
You are invited to join me for a journey in sound. I use a wide selection of instruments to find the elemental medicine of the moment and bathe you in vibrations that may aid your ability to self heal.
The evening will begin with a brief sharing circle so that we have the potential to explore themes, see what we need as a group and individually. This gives you a chance to relax into the space before embarking on your personal voyage in the elemental realms.
A personal trust in Shamanic exploration guides my instincts to take us all into a deep state of listening and receiving. All that is needed from you at this time is a willingness to let go of the mind workings and breathe!
This evening is booking only event which can be done by a paypal transfer via ticket link, deposit by BACs and by your personal pledge to honour your place if you wish to pay cash.
My number is 07961 504243 for texts.
Email hello@soundhoppers.co.uk or just transfer payment/deposit via paypal link on this event.  - www.paypal.com/paypalme/hummingruth/15 Price £15 Bank transfer via Triodos. Ruth Ford - account - 21303541   sort 16-58-10
Please bring your own comforts such as mat, blanket, cushion, drink.

Note: If you would also like information about other workshops and events at the Centre please contact Richard Diss on info@clophillcentre.co.uk

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