Energy awareness & removing unwanted energies

Sun 22/8/21 - 10:00 am

Practitioner: Juanita Puddifoot
Venue: The Birch Room

Energy awareness & connection

Exploring what energy belongs to you, what belongs to others - who has been effecting you negatively?

Enhance your sense of wellbeing and connect with health and happiness

Identify and remove unwanted energies

Do you feel drained working with people or being around certain people?

The day will include experiential practical exercises, shamanic journeying and sharing.

Open to anyone and no previous experience is necessary, just the willingness to be open and share personal issues.

Join Juanita to explore:

  • Identify your energy ‘baseline’
  • Identify where other peoples energy is connected to you
  • how other people’s energy enters your energy system
  • how to remove, cleanse your energy fields
  • cutting the cords the pros & cons

We will look at ways to cleanse our energetic Auric field, locate and remove unwanted energies such as anger, sadness, illness and the energy fields of depression. We will also be exploring practical methods for protection. We can carry both mental and emotional residues and act out certain behaviours that are not our own. We will explore how to change our energy systems to be more robust and be able to deflect negative and unhelpful influences.

cost - £50

to book a place contact Juanita -   tel 07455269891

Juanita Puddifoot :- is a professional counsellor, International teacher and lecturer on various transpersonal subjects:- Soul wounds, Regression, Psychotherapy, Shamanism, Elemental Communication, Ancestral influences and Spirit Release.



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