Family Constellation

Mon 1/3/21 - 8:00 am to Mon 1/3/21 - 5:00 pm

Practitioner: Elaine Harris

What is Family Constellation Therapy

"Family Constellations Therapy has become increasingly recognised as an astounding, powerful and far-reaching approach to finding lasting resolutions in cases which before had seemed beyond reach.

Sometimes we have recurring patterns in our life that nothing we do seems to change. In a safe and nurturing environment the Constellating process examines these issues through a wider, more systemic lens, making visible hidden elements that may that may be entangling us in matters that are the legacy of others rather than our own. When these elements are revealed there is a chance to free ourselves from the 'story'.

Elaineis an international trainer and practitioner having practised in Europe, the US, Egypt and beyond combining over 20 years of study in the healing arts and performance enhancement with her intuition, insight and unique gift for healing. Elaine:

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