Journey the Wheel – A Sacred day of Wisdom & Healing

Sat 5/2/22 - 10:00 am

Practitioner: Dawn Russell
Venue: The Yurt

Journey the Medicine Wheel 

Enjoy a day of connection to the ancestors, the animal spirits. Learn about meditation & journeying to the drum beat. Receive insight, wisdom and healing in the 4 sacred directions. Learn about the Lakota medicine wheel and how this sacred pathway can help you navigate your pathway through life. A healing day which will be shared with the spirit realm as they work with She Who Stands Tall to understand your own shifts and changes in a never ending circle of life. Aho!

You are invited to join me in the sacred Yurt at the Clophill Center to journey the medicine wheel. Using the beat of the drum to relax and guide you, I will hold space for you to journey to the 4 sacred directions to receive insight, healing and wisdom.

The medicine wheel is a Native American belief system to help us understand and find guidance on our pathway. I work in the Lakota tradition. Suitable for all levels of experience, I will be helping you understand the directions and how you can apply the teachings of this sacred medicine. We will begin our day with Sage blessings so please allow plenty of time to arrive and settle.

We will be working with animal and other symbolisms to understand your journeys.  Some of the teaching will be delivered in channeling, mediumship or direct communication.  You may also receive connection to other realms.

Some information will be available on the day in paper form to help you understand.

Due to the nature of the location, a fixed number of spaces are available so advance booking and full payment is required to reserve your space please.  A very special day in a lovely location.


contact - 07973 384 406  or email

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