Let’s celebrate Aymaric New Year with Inti & private sessions

Sun 7/8/22 - 11:00 am

Let s celebrate  Aymaric New Year  with  Inti  - an Aymara Wiracocha Priest.  and private sessions

We are delighted to be hosting an Aymaric celebration of the New Year with Inti, an Aymara Wiracocha Priest. Inti is an authentic Wiracocha Priest and will be offering the Aymara ceremony of the New Year here at the Clophill Centre. We invite you to join us for this event bringing us together for a cleansing and blessing, bringing a fresh beginning in health, vitality and well being.

The event will include:-

** Giving thanks and offerings to Tata inti (father sun) Pachamama (Mother Earth). A sacred fire of this tradition with incense and smudging as a limpia before receiving the blessing rays of Tata inti. ** A sharing of food and time to ask questions and receive some of the wisdoms of this ancient Aymaric curanderos practice.. The event will be a powerful process of purification and ceremonial offerings to walk us into the new year in harmony.

Price: £25 - A minimum of 10 people are needed for the day to go ahead

To book your place please contact Bookings and enquiries to John, at ephyspano@gmail.com Lunch will be 'bring a dish' to share.

Private Sessions -

Inti will also be available for private consultations by arrangement.  A few slots will be available on the day after the ceremony, or at other times.

Please contact him directly on rafael.montero@gmx.de

About Inti Inti comes from an Aymara family with curanderos and healers in the family as well as psychics. These gifts have served to help people in many ways.

Inti lives in London, where he has been healing and helping people in different ways as singer, teacher, life coach and spiritual healer.

The Aymara people have been living in Bolivia for more than 5.000 years and their legacy to the world has been passed on only in some parts of South America. We will experience an authentic and exclusive energy cleaning and ceremony to the Aymara pantheon, the pantheon of a culture that survived different invasions for more than 4,000 years and is still alive that will be shared here in Clophill.

Note: If you would also like information about other workshops and events at the Centre please contact Richard Diss on info@clophillcentre.co.uk

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