Living Non Violent Communication Summer camp

Fri 15/7/22 - 7:00 pm to Fri 22/7/22 - 12:00 pm

Living NVC summer camp with introduction to NVC

FRI eve 15/7/22  - SUN eve 17/7/22  (Introduction weekend)

FRI eve 15/7/22  - FRI noon 22/7/22  (whole week camp)

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Living NVC summer camp with introduction to NVC

(Nonviolent  Communication or Needs-based Connection)

Are you looking for deeper connections with others, a chance to be in conscious community, to begin or to deepen your NVC learning in a real-life but still supported situation, to have time away from your everyday routines to breathe, explore and grow?  Here is a space for all this, and much more.

We will camp together, share meals, songs, stories, laughter and tears, have fun together and make space for grief as well, take part in a choice of NVC-based workshops learning to listen deeply and to speak from the heart, sit around the fire, gaze at the stars, talk with the trees, play frisbee, drum, practise yoga or play cards according to our taste.

We offer three camps in one – something to suit everyone, we hope!

  1. a 7-day camp open to everyone, from Friday evening July 15th to Friday noon July 22nd
  2. a 5-day camp, for people who aren’t available for the whole week and who have previously attended an NVC/NbC Foundation, from Sunday evening July 17th to Friday noon July 22nd
  3. a weekend camp (Friday evening July 15th to Sunday evening July 17th) for those with limited time available, with the option of joining a residential NVC Foundation course. This training, led by CNVC certified trainer Clare Palmer, will give you all the basic principles and tools of NVC. A full alternative programme will be in place for the more experienced who do not want to repeat the introductory workshops.

Who’s organising?

Facilitators Clare Palmer and Graham Timmins have many years’ experience of holding space, running workshops and planning community events and have played leading roles at a number of NVC camps. We share a vision of a lived community experience informed by a constant awareness of feelings and needs.

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What’s special about this camp?

The whole week is structured to promote connection, learning and growth for all of us. Underpinning all our activities at camp is our effort to hold an awareness of feelings and needs in our consciousness throughout, as much as we are able. We don’t want to just ‘do NVC’ in a workshop, we want to ‘live NVC’ in our daily interactions. That includes an intention to be fully present, to see and to think clearly, free from assumptions and pre-judgments and grounded in compassion. We believe that our needs are not separate from the needs of other people, of all other beings we share this life with, and of our precious Earth itself, and that together we can contribute to a more beautiful world.

We will stick to the traditional daily structure used for many years at NVC camps, whose  pillars we identify as:  morning meetings for the whole camp after breakfast, empathy groups after lunch, and ‘celebrations and mournings’ after dinner. Each of these key moments of the day fulfils a vital function both for community cohesion and for the kind of personal growth which only happens in interactions with others.

Empathy groups will be led by some of the more experienced participants and supported by the camp facilitators as necessary.  Morning and evening meetings provide different kinds of forum in which each precious voice and unique perspective of the community members can be expressed and heard.

Within the framework created by the three pillars, morning and afternoon workshop spaces will offer the chance to focus on particular aspects of needs-based connection, as well as other skills and practices members want to share.  Popular topics in the past have included: how to make requests, what is empathy, how do we work with anger, guilt or shame, making requests, grief and loss, NVC parenting, transforming core beliefs, finding our boundaries, NVC and social change, etc.

What’s the deal?

All prices include camping, 3 meals a day, drinks, snacks, workshops and tuition

  1. Seven-day camp : July 15th - 22nd £260
  2. Five-day camp : July 17th - 22nd £230
  3. Weekend camp : July 15th - 17th £200

If these prices are easily affordable for you, do please offer to be a Camp Supporter and give more, which will enable us to grant concessions to others with fewer resources.

If you are keen to join but cannot afford these prices, please ask for a concession!


Children are welcome to join the camp, but no children’s activities or supervised childcare are included as part of the camp framework. Informal arrangements may however be made between participants. Most workshops and groups will not be suitable or interesting for most children, but there are always exceptions, so please contact us if you would like to talk about how it might work for you to bring your child/ren.

0-5 years old: 25% of adult prices

6-11 years old: 50% of adult prices

12-17 years old: 75% of adult prices

Will I like the food ?

Meals will be freshly prepared, healthy and vegetarian with vegan options; hot and cold drinks, fruit and snacks will be available throughout the day. We’ll have caterers but all camp participants will be asked to contribute to supporting our physical needs during the camp, whether by chopping vegetables, making coffee, washing up, or keeping showers and toilets clean. Working together in small teams to take responsibility for everybody’s basic human needs is a valuable part of the camp experience.

In order to favour self-awareness and the comfort of all, we ask you not to bring alcohol for consumption on site or to smoke where other people may be affected.

Who is this camp for?

All are welcome with or without previous experience of NVC / NbC.  We intend to offer a space where people of all backgrounds and life experiences are accepted and can play a full part.

Camp is also a place where people can reflect on and explore their own feelings and needs, and where some support may be available from other participants, facilitators, empathy groups and workshops for processes of transformation and healing. However, please be aware that our resources have their limits and that camp is not a substitute for professional therapy.  We would like all who join us at Clophill to be able to balance their own personal needs with those of the community.

Quality assurance

Lead trainers for the week are Clare Palmer, Graham Timmins and Magiari Diaz Diaz.  Other trainers will be part of the camp as well. To further ensure that a high quality of NVC modelling is available at the camp, we have invited guest presentations by a number of highly experienced UK trainers who will visit for an evening or afternoon.

Booking and Payment

Please book at :

After your booking is accepted, you will be sent payment instructions.

Contact / Any questions:

Clare Palmer  07954 385 847  and What’s App

Graham Timmins 0796 792 1311 and Signal or Telegram

Note: If you would also like information about other workshops and events at the Centre please contact Richard Diss on

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