Shamanic Practices Foundation Course

Sat 8/1/22 - 10:00 am to Sun 9/1/22 - 5:00 pm

Melanie Tomsett
Practitioner: Melanie Tomsett
Venue: The Yurt

This Course is held over 6 weekends

Jan 8/9 2022    March 12/13    May 7/8     Jul 23/24     Sept 10/11     TBC

This course is designed to hold the space for experiential learning in a supportive and friendly environment. Every member of the course is valued and respected for where they are now and their continuing journey of development and growth, and their contribution to the rest of the group.

During our time spent together, you will be encouraged to experience your own inner landscape through a variety of shamanic practice techniques including the shamanic journey and how to connect and explore the four levels of your being in order for you to become more fully connected and empowered.

You will explore the Medicine Wheel and the Dynamic Powers that create a Map that supports all Life in order to come into alignment with the Powers of the Earth and the Cosmos.

This course is dynamic, exciting, fulfilling, life affirming, fun, and sometimes challenging as you explore the extra-ordinary realities of Shamanic Practice and step into your own Personal Power in alignment with Nature and your True and Authentic Self.

Participation in the course will impart a deeper understanding of shamanic  Practices and its principles and practice. You will learn how to access the extra-ordinary worlds of the shaman though shamanic journey techniques and develop a deeper experience of these non-ordinary realities.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the appropriate use of shamanic tools and techniques
  • Begin to comprehend your own multi-dimensional nature – Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit – and learn how the intelligence of the physical body may be contacted and communicated with in order to correct any energy-imbalances that may be causing you problems
  • Examine fully the world around you from a shamanic perspective, using the medicine wheel as a guide in making your own personal links with nature and finding direction and purpose in your personal life. You will experience for your self the Spiritual Ecology and learn how to work with the Elements and with benevolent powers of nature and by so doing obtain personal guidance that is of value in your life at the present time. You will come to understand through personal experience that the trees, plants, animals, birds, even rocks and stones can be our teachers
  • Examine how to retrieve information from subtle essences that are carried from previous lives and stored in your personal energy-system and how this information can help you better deal with the conflicts and challenges being faced in your present life. A unique method of past life therapy is introduced and experienced
  • Completion of the Foundation Course ensures a good grounding in your personal practice and is the gateway to access the other courses on offer through Shamanic Quest

Shamanic Practices ~ Foundation Course Fees 2021-22    investment -  £780.00

For further details of how to book or for more information call Melanie 07940 878729 or email


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