Shamanic Quest

Sun 27/6/21 - 10:00 am to Sun 27/6/21 - 5:00 pm

Melanie Tomsett
Practitioner: Melanie Tomsett

Introduction to Shamanic Practices

A one day workshop with Melanie Tomsett - Shamanic Quest

Basic Principles and Practices

Date – Sunday June 27th 2021

Time – 10am to 5pm

Fee: £65.00

During the workshop you will:

• Gain a clear understanding of the key concepts of Shamanic Practice

• Make a shamanic journey (to non-ordinary reality)

• Learn how to journey to retrieve a power animal

• Learn about shamanic tools and their use

Shamanic Practice is a form of nature based, deep spiritual  personal development and healing that is the oldest form of spiritual connection and informer of how to live well on this beautiful Earth and the Journey that we all undertake as we live our lives.

It provides us with the tools, maps and awareness to live in connection, within our own self, in relationship with other people and with all Life on this planet - healing the sickness of separation and disconnection in the most beautiful and often profound experiences.

This one day introductory workshop is a great way to try out some techniques and learn a little about shamanics, its practices and principles and how this is relevant and practical to your daily life.

Its a day of sharing, often fun and a chance to be with likeminded people and you will end the day with some very useful shamanic techniques to practice on yourself and for others if you choose. On completion of the one day workshop you will be offered the opportunity to join the full time Shamanic Practitioner Course, consisting of six weekend workshops held every other month starting in November 2021.

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