Talking Stick – Being in Heart Language

Sun 21/11/21 - 10:00 am

Practitioner: Ruth Humming Ford
Venue: The Yurt
Talking Stick - Being in Heart Language
This offering has been gestating for quite a while. As I witness the outcomes of sacred circles and the potency of the Talking Stick for unsticking the words, it has become ever clearer that now it is time.
How often do our conversations revolve around something that is already changing as we speak? A drama, an event that can be located outside of ourselves. What happens when we attempt to speak of what is taking place inside ourselves? It is not always easy, or even welcome, depending on who we are dealing with.
There are ways to help this. My experience has shown that the Talking Stick is a very powerful way. It not only slows the whole thing down so the heart, mind and body can tune into what wishes to be heard, but it aligns the listeners to do that rare thing and JUST LISTEN without forming answers and replies.
Creating a Sacred tool to utilise in your life also gives you a chance to meditate on how communication goes for you - whether that be with your partner/family/social circles or work.
Right now on this beautiful Earth, there seems to be a greater level of division and distrust as a result of various 'states of emergency', and many have felt gagged, an inner dumbing down as a result. In a circle where trust can be felt, the sense that we will be heard, we literally change our vibration. Let us explore the deep, creatively potent relationship between courage and vulnerability.
I encourage you to bring a piece of wood/branch to work with, I will supply various tools and threads/feathers but this is your creation. We will go into nature and commune with the Standing People, our tree relatives.
Please bring something to share for lunch and comfortable clothing/blankets. Refreshments will be supplied throughout the day.
Payments are on a scale according to your situation. Deposit £20 £60 full £50 concession
Happy to discuss terms re payment
We will be in the Yurt on the left of main track. Parking in the field.
For all other info call Ruth 07961504243

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