Teachings of the Fire Gathering with Helpers Mentoring Society

Fri 9/9/22 - 10:00 am to Sun 11/9/22 - 5:00 pm

Practitioner: Helpers Mentoring Society – Feathers

Teachings of the Fire Gathering - Fire holds the knowledge intended for us as human beings

September 9th - 11th, 2022 - UK

Join us for the Teachings of the Fire Gathering this September and to learn the connective unseen power of Fire and actively engage with this element for yourself - take your ability for connection to the next level.

There are multiple ways in which the relationship between us and fire can be understood to support health and happiness for all life. This includes the everyday practical relationships, rites of passage, and the deeper spiritual awareness that can be developed with this powerful element in a ceremonial context.

Within this event will also be the opportunity to quest upon the land either with Nature or Fire

Sitting with the sacred elements of fire to seek and deeply reflect is a tradition as old as it is to be a human upon the earth. As part of Helpers Mentoring Societies' mission to help people connect on the deepest levels, we are offering teachings and practices to build stronger ropes of connection with fire, community ceremony, and the opportunity to undertake a personal overnight quest within that space.

Camping and self-catering (a morning breakfast will be prepared for quest participants)

Registration closes on Monday the 5th of September

Fire is understood to be a keeper of knowledge, and through tending this sacred element, a person can learn to work with true knowledge, in a healthy way. With this healthy connection, we can utilize knowledge create well-being for all in this world.

To tend the fire of your own life is a beautiful thing. The deep connection built with this sacred element is so transformative. This relationship changes us from the inside, and we will experience life. We will walk as a changed individual with deeper connections and understanding of what it Is to be alive and tend to the very fire of life itself.

What you can experience for yourself within the gathering:

Traditional teachings on relationships with fire Practices to develop connection with Fire Understanding fire in the community context Teachings on rites of passage utilising fire An opportunity to undertake a personal overnight quest with Fire or Nature Teachings on approaching a quest to maximise the experience Mentoring calls either side of the event to support preparation and integration Deep connection opportunities Purification practices during the gathering Community support and sharing to capture the experience Guidance to draw out the deeper meanings from your quest The chance to support others to quest

If you are feeling the pull to learn more about Fire or quest this year, then here is an opportunity to go into that seeking with the support and sacredness of fire.

What you can come away with from the gathering:

A deeper connection to self, nature and spirit Ways to support your own connection with Fire A profound relationship with the sacred element of fire that will last a lifetime Developed connections beyond the cognitive Deeper ways to experience life into the future

Seeking deeper understanding is to be truly human. To search for this with one of the four sacred elements can allow us access to a deeply connective space where understanding can unfurl within us.

(We will be operating in accordance with government guidelines around coronavirus restrictions with opportunities to join in connective practices if you choose.

This will all be modified if we are required to do so as the regulations dictate so please be aware that we may need to inform you of changes. If for any reason the gathering has to be cancelled due to tighter governmental restrictions we will automatically reschedule the gathering date)

Upon registration we will send:

Welcome and joining instructions for the event including what to bring and where to go.

Log in details for the mentoring calls

Instructions on how to prepare for the quest if you choose to undertake that.

investment - $385.00 USD ( approx.

For booking click - https://www.helpersmentoringsociety.net/store/2LR25EWh

Note: If you would also like information about other workshops and events at the Centre please contact Richard Diss on info@clophillcentre.co.uk

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