The Art of plant healing deepening Limpia practice with Dr. Rocio Alarcon

Sat 2/7/22 - 10:00 am

Practitioner: Dr Rocio Alarcon

2nd july

Times – start 10.00am – 5.00pm

The Art of plant healing  -Deepening practice - Limpia- Dr. Rocio Alarcon

Join us in the yurt and Clophill garden

All around our world people have been creating alchemy with plants. Here in the isles we had a rich and meaningful connection with the plants and many plant healers walked the land. We are now re-membering the ancient arts with the plant kingdom and Dr. Rocio Alarcon is joining us to teach the way of the 'Limpia"

During this one day workshop we deepen the practice of the Limpia under the guidance of Dr. Rocio

It is time to purify and clean (limpia Ceremony) our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. La limpia, is an ancient ceremony that through contact with plants and with the help of the healer allows to remove and expel elements, traumas, and emotional shocks. The plants in their freshness, aroma, and colors, etc. are an important element during the ceremony. Allowing to transform human into beings full of calm and relaxation. The benefits are innumerable, such as breaking neuronal patterns that were created during the different events of life, removal of physical and spiritual toxins, creation of connections and a harmonious dialogue between the brain, heart, and other organs of the

Costs – £70 -£85 on a sliding scale

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This is an opportunity for you to learn this Healing art and empower yourself, your family and community with one of the ancient ways we can heal with plants.

Participants need to bring – note book, and lunch


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