The Firewalk

Mon 1/3/21 - 8:00 am to Mon 1/3/21 - 5:00 pm

Practitioner: Sheelagh Keddie

Since forever we have used the energy of the firewalk to cleanse our bodies and minds, to empower our intentions; for thanksgiving and celebration. Step out onto the fire and enable the elemental powers to enrich your life. Let the fire of Beltane energise your life.

The ancient festival of Beltane is one of purification and new beginnings. An evening when we rejoice at the start of summer, the growing season, and look forward to autumn, the time of harvest. This is a very special night – an opportunity to reach out and connect – with everything.

What do you want to nurture and bring into fruition in your life?

  • good health for yourself and your loved ones;
  • prosperity and harmony in your daily life;
  • a new business or career;
  • the beauty of a life filled with love and happiness.

To book your place please contact Sheelagh on 02083929413 You can also email

Invite the magic of Beltane into your coming year.

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