The Nature of Connection Day

Sun 10/4/22 - 10:00 am

Practitioner: Helpers Mentoring Society – Feathers
Venue: The Round House

Helpers Mentoring Society  - The Nature of Connection Day 

Sunday, April 10th 2022 - 10am - 4:30pm 

Join us for a day of experiencing the nature of connection for yourself. 

Spend the day with us and immerse yourself in nature. Through guided routines and exercises designed to create connection opportunities, learn to perceive the language of how nature communicates with you.

This nature connection event is not a theoretical day. You will deepen your relationship to nature and spirit.

People experience the nature of connection very individually. Regular interaction with connection routines will greatly support the development of building heart felt relationship to yourself, others, the natural world, and spirit. Experiencing what connection feels like for ourselves is how we begin to perceive the interconnectedness of life and how we are an integral part within it.

Nature connection is of deep importance right now and is essential to developing a deeper spiritual communication.

We look forward to seeing you there for a day full of connectivity and fun. Here is a little of what you will have the opportunity to experience for yourself at the event.

  • Guided exercises
  • Expanded awareness training
  • Feeling 'At Home' in nature
  • How to tend the relationship with nature
  • Bypassing the mind to have the 'felt' experience 
  • Practices for continuing to build connection in your daily life.

The theory of connection is nothing compared to feeling it flow through your body, moving your emotions, and lifting up your mind to greater layers of creation, allowing your spirit to rejoice in the process of life itself moving in and through you.

Upon purchase we will send you joining instructions for the day including what to bring and where to go.

A full, experiential day of connection practices and routines. All equipment provided

investment - $90.00 USD (approx £69.00)

To book and payment -

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