The Passage and The Pause

Sun 6/11/22 - 10:00 am

Practitioner: Ruth Humming Ford
This is an opening, a crack, a course or passage for women of all ages and stages, to unravel something about our story right now at this time on Earth.
How do we speak this? What is Enough now? How do we practise a different way and how can we encourage and support one another in this process? Many questions bring me to this offering but it is one that fills my heart with purpose and direction so I am trusting it all the same!
For the journey, we will begin and end the process as witnesses of one another in ceremony, including Circle work and Fire Ritual, some one to one and some lone/home work.
All of this will be based on the premise that what we do for ourselves, we do for All. This is particularly true where healing is concerned. As the original American peoples say, 'Mitakuye Oyasin' - We are All Related.
If you would like to begin something unknown yet full of the kind of possibility that a community, a tribe, a village can provide, then join me.
Bring food to share for lunch and warm clothing, blanket, notebook.
Contact 07961504243 if you would like to talk about it or email
I look forward to see what we can find together
Offerings from £50 as you are able for this beginning day
Or email for bank details

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