The Way of Sacred Sound

Fri 16/9/22 - 10:00 am to Sun 18/9/22 - 6:00 pm

Practitioner: Anthar Kharana










Friday 16th Sept -  Autumn Equinox Ceremony – Wisdom Of The Condor

Join Anthar Kharana for an evening of ceremony as we approach the Autumn Equinox. We will gather and together and receive the teachings and wisdom of the Condor - The teacher of forgiveness. This powerful ally can help lift us to see the greater perspective, the patterns in our life, so we can rise beyond intolerance into the warmth of forgiveness.

This ceremony will be a Traditional Tabaco Ceremony where Anthar will share songs to sing along and prayers for the wellness of our families and our spiritual self care.

This ceremony will be held at the the Sacred Labyrinth @ The Clophill Centre LOCATION: Clophill Centre in Bedford Closest Train Station - Flitwick



The Way of Sacred Sound  (includes the friday night Ceremony listed above)

The path of sacred sound holds a strong bridge into the mysteries of healing our ancestral lines. We can embrace the power of these ancient ways to manifest the life that we deserve and to restore the possibilities of a brighter future to our upcoming generations. The healing process begins within ourself first.

On this third retreat, you will learn powerful sound techniques developed and mastered by Anthar Kharana over the many years that he has spent researching into this sacred art of healing.

This retreat involves ancestral sound medicine, stories, music, movement, plant wisdom and practices that have helped many generations to develop the art of conscious creation.

*This retreat is open to everyone!

Anthar Kharana is returning to the Clophill Centre from his homeland in the Andean Jungle of Colombia to run his second tour of the year. In the previous gatherings, the participants have bonded and deepened in ancient teachings and practices that helped to purify and co-create the life we all deserve to live.


* Ancestral Sound Medicine * Healing with your voice * Shamanic Drum Healing Techniques * Herbal remedies making * Tabacco and Fire Ceremonies Ceremonies * Indigenous Songs & Dances

DATES: Participants can arrive from 3pm on Friday to set up their tents and be ready for a lovely dinner and introduction to the weekend. We will then begin the journey with our first Fire Ceremony after dinner.

The Retreat Finishes on Sunday after our closing ceremony, hugs with everyone and our last Lunch together!

On the 16th of september as we move towards the equinox of balance, we will be coming together at the Clophill centre for a three day retreat.

We will be a Tipi and tent village for three days, spending much time connecting with the land, in the woodland, Fire, water, the earth of us and the clay of our ancestors.

We hope you will be able to join us for this healing sound journey.

Costs – £380



Anthar Kharana, a native from Ocaña a small town in the North of Colombia, is a medicine man, music composer and professional sound therapist. Anthar comes from a long family line of musicians and has been guided by different elders from Colombia and America since he was 14 years old. Anthar is also a carrier of the Chanupa, Inipi and he is also a Sun dancer and a member of the Red Road.
In the last 20 years of traveling the world, Anthar has shared the wisdom and the connection between the Sacred Fire and the Ancestral Sound with the animal, mineral and plant kingdom. He leads traditional ceremonies, workshops, music concerts, conferences and retreats in various countries including Colombia, Chile, England, Scotland, Wales, Ibiza, USA, Poland, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Korea, Bali - Indonesia, Romania and Italy.
As a music composer, he has created different inspirational music albums as well as being an active composer for several international dance and theater companies such as Protein Dance, Sinman Dance, Shewolf and Vocab Dance among others.
Anthar is the Director and founder of the Ancestral School in Colombia and both The Tambora Foundation and Tribal Sound Healing in the UK and Colombia. He is also co-director of the first School of Sound Healing in Scotland, ANSU School of Sound and The Ancestral Pathways School in England.

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