Kim Mcfadden

Facilitating healing

Kim apprenticed her main healing practice through the Inca lineage shared by the The Q'ero Inca shamans in Peru. This ancient wisdom practice was seeded in the UK by 'Spirit of the Inca'; A school founded by Chris Waters. This is where Kim has learnt the healing tools and the traditions of the Q'ero elders.

This has been a journey over the course of ten years with much experience including a pilgrimage and initiation in peru with the Q'ero, Holding one to one healings and in 2019 joining the 'spirit of the Inca' team in Romania. She works one to one holding a space for emergence and discovery into a deeper sense of wholeness. Opening pathways to the life that we truly came live, finding our song and sharing it with the world.

One to One Healing journey -

Through the process of Illumination, extraction and soul retrieval we come together to move through a deeply profound healing journey. A journey that opens up the possibility to reclaim full health and vibrancy, reignite passion, Liberate from limiting beliefs and empower to create the life we dream of. Dissolving old narratives and binding stories into a new chapter of life. Each two hour session is held in an open and warm space where all is welcome and heard during this energy healing process.

Closing the bones -

Dr.Rocio Alarcon has shared this ancient way of healing and after three years of learning kim is now offering this as a healing treatment. Hipping / Cerada is a traditional ceremony and massage passed from Dr Rocío Alarcón’s ancestors to her from Ecuador and Rocío teaches in the UK but many places around the world do a similar massage.

This is a deeply restorative healing massage is a way for women post-partum to close the hips energies after birth. This ceremony closes the circle of pregnancy and childbirth. Rituals are the punctuation of our lives; baptism, weddings, funerals. This is a nurturing and beautiful way to honour the miraculous nature of crossing the threshold into motherhood and a great gift to first time mothers.

The closing the bones ceremony is also a way to restore lines of connection to our womb after abuse, trauma and loss. Women often describe the emotional and spiritual benefits, how it brings her back to her centre, releases what she doesn’t need, a sense of being put back together. Leaving her feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured, empowered and stronger.

It can be beneficial for women at all ages and stages of their life including the transition into menopause, helping to balance hormones. It can be very healing for women who have experienced a miscarriage, still born, abortion, hysterectomy or who suffer from low energy levels, anxiety, trauma and stress. This process releases any tension and stagnant energy in the body, helping move the bladder and uterus back into their pre-pregnant position and stimulates good blood circulation which helps with our immune system.

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