Melanie Tomsett BSc (Hons)

Shamanic & Homeopathic Practitioner

Melanie Tomsett BSc (Hons)


Melanie is a qualified Homeopathic Practitioner and Shamanic Practice Counsellor and Teacher within Shamanic Quest.

About Melanie

Melanie first began using homeopathy to care for her own and her family’s health from aged 17. Due to the wonderful success that homeopathic treatment afforded, and a message from her Higher Self, Melanie was guided to undertake a Health Sciences Degree in Homeopathy.

Qualifying in 2010, Melanie has been in Private Practice and helping others with their journey to better health, having also spent three years advising and helping Clients for Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy London.

Having experienced her own unique relationship with Spirit and Nature as a child, Melanie was guided to work with the world renowned Author, Shamanic Teacher and key facilitator of the reintroduction of Shamanism to the UK, Kenneth Meadows, with whom she studied for 12 years until his death in 2004.

His vision was for his work to be continued after his death, and Melanie has endeavoured to accomplish this through workshops, teaching, counselling, Healing and drum, women’s (moon) and men’s (sun) circles, where people can come to share, learn and experience in a safe, supportive and sacred space.

Melanie herself has undergone her own deep healing journey using both Shamanic Techniques and homeopathy resulting in a return to health and wellbeing on every level – thus healing her life. This has given Melanie a greater insight, more healing experience and empathy to help support others in their healing journey.

Melanie has continued on her own healing and learning journey, experiencing ceremonies and learning from Norse, Lakota and Curandera traditions.


“I cannot praise her professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm highly enough”


About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the second most widely used form of medicine in the World, yet it seems to be a very well-kept secret!

Homeopathic treatment is unique in it’s approach, completely Individualised in it’s application and safe for all people of any age from infancy onwards to old age -  including fertility improvement, pregnancy, childbirth, teenagers, men’s and women’s general or specific health and more.

It has no side effects and can be used alone or alongside conventional medicine, Melanie is experienced in liaising with GP’s and consultants when the need arises.

Please contact me for an initial exploration into your healthcare requirements.


“I would recommend Melanie’s thorough, thoughtful and effective treatments to anyone who wants a long term solution to their health issues”


Consultations are available as follows

Homeopathy consultations:

1st consultation:  Adult £100 for up to 1.5 hours  -  Child 0-16 £80 up to 1 hour

Follow up appointments - Adult £65 for up to 1 hour, Child £55 up to 45 mins

Remedies not included in the fee.


These appointments are ideal for long standing or recurring health conditions. A course of treatment is usually required that lasts between 3-6 months consisting of one appointment per month. However, this is a general guideline and individual circumstances may necessitate a different treatment plan.


Homeopathy is an holistic healthcare approach, which means treatment is prescribed for your whole being, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically. I can also draw on other healing disciplines including Shamanic advise within the consultation to aid the healing where indicated.

Booking Essential - Telephone number: 07940 878729   Email:



Shamanic Practices

(see clophill website page for more details - here )

Shamanism is the most ancient nature based spiritual practise that has and continues to be used around the world by all nations of people. Shamanics is the term coined by Kenneth Meadows to distinguish between tribal shamanism and the modern distillation of the underlying principles and truths that comes from these ancient wisdom ways, so that we can apply this knowledge in a practical way with integrity in our modern lives.

Shamanic Practices aim to return you to your own Personal Power by reconnecting you to your own Truth and Wisdom through a variety of experiential techniques.

Melanie at Shamanic Quest offers a myriad of paths to facilitate your individual requirements which include individual sessions to one day workshops and full year courses.

Please contact Melanie to discuss where you are on your Journey and how she can be of assistance to you moving forward.


“I would highly recommend the “Shamanics”, Shamanic Practitioner Workshops with Melanie Tomsett, she is a brilliant teacher, with a vast pool of knowledge. In my case she has been a huge influence in gaining my confidence. And of course, I now have gained so much more knowledge of my own!


Shamanic Consultations -

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is wholistic in nature and can therefore have profound effects on every level of your being.

I work with your Higher Self in order to decern what technique/s will be of benefit to you at this time so that you may receive that which is needed, through specific and targeted shamanic techniques to help facilitate a return to health on every level of your being and thus a return to balance and harmony.



Life has a habit of delivering challenges that are unique to any individual.

During a Shamanic Counselling session, we can explore your individual challenges to discover which Shamanic practices would be of benefit in order to return you to your own Personal Power and therefore offer solutions for change in your circumstances.

I offer coaching and guidance in the application of the most appropriate Shamanic techniques which you can then continue to work with in your daily life.


Private Tuition

If you are interested in learning Shamanic Practices or would like to deepen your current understanding but cannot commit to a structured Course, I offer bespoke sessions at times to suit your individual requirements.


Please contact me in the first instance to discuss your individual requirements and how I can be of help.

For Shamanic healing, consultations, and private tuition the fee is £65 per hour, booking is essential - Contact details:

Telephone number: 07940 878729  Email:



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