Melanie Tomsett

Shamanic & Homeopathic Practitioner

Melanie is a qualified, practicing homeopath. She has a keen interest in permaculture, sustainable living and the transition towns movement. Melanie says "for me, permaculture and homeopathy are part of how I express my earth walk. Both disciplines are aligned to the principles and practices of shamanics and shamanism. It was during a shamanic journey that I was given the task of learning the application of homeopathy and permaculture, so that I may understand their connections and create a way to use all three combined, in the service of earthcare and peoplecare; hoping to facilitate human healing and inner knowledge so that they may walk lightly and with compassion with each other and on the earth."

Melanie began her shamanic training in 1991 with renowned shaman and international author, Kenneth Meadows. She continued to work with Kenneth until a few weeks before his passing. Andrew Riley wrote "A fellow author and colleague (Leo Rutherford) described the aftermath of one particular ceremony where the author (Kenneth Meadows) was told by an otherworld ally that he would act as a lantern. This spurred him on to write the books, present the workshops and promote his view on shamanism. The books sold and sold and sold.... The flame of the lantern was fanned and became a beacon. I just hope there is someone who can build on this for the next generation" It is Melanie’s aim to be that someone; and it is with Ken’s blessing that she continues to carry the Lantern.

Shamamic Quest

Shamanic Councelling Consultations & Private Tuition

Melanie Tomsett Of Shamanic Quest is available to provide individual shamanic counselling appointments or private individual or group tuition.

The appointments last for a up to two hours for counselling sessions and a minimum of two hours for private tuition in Shamanics.

About Shamanism:

Shamanics is a form of deep spiritual, personal development and healing, based in nature and developed by Kenneth Meadows. Shamanics is a contemporary distillation of Northern Hemisphere Shaman knowledge (northern European, Amerindian, Hawaiian Kahuna and Doaist) that is based in the common truths held within all of these traditions, but without the dogma or ritual. This means that the person who practices Shamanics can do so easily, in any circumstance or location. The teachings are experiential and found to be deeply meaningful for many people.

By utilising and traversing the ancient knowledge of the Shaman, the modern Shamanic Practitioner can undergo massive personal growth and understanding of themselves and their place on the earth; experience deep balance and healing; and can also help others on their earth walk.

Melanie is also available to run workshops and courses in your area. Please contact her to discuss.



Telephone: 07940 878729

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