Robert Hilditch



Telephone: 01920 464771

This process will clear troubled memories from your soul and your DNA

Clearing is carried out in a normal conversational setting sitting at a table.

Some aspects of my work are:

Clearing your negative ancestral and family patterns:

These have been handed down through the generations of your family to you and your children.

Clearing 'Lost Souls' from your family tree:

These being your ancestors who are stuck, unable to pass over successfully after dying.

Clearing your negative personal patterns created during this lifetime:

Patterns caused by stressful circumstances in your life.

These have been built up from the time of your birth - or even when you were in the womb.

Clearing the negative links from karmic circumstances from previous lives:

These are caused by the "unfinished business" of previous lives, being the energy patterns that have followed you.

These have connected with you from the very beginning of this life and shape the mental, emotional and eventually physical events of this life.

Clearing the ancient patterns caused by traumatic events in human history – these events are remembered in our DNA

These patterns are undetectable by our normal senses. These previous life patterns can go back many millions of years, the most ancient bringing the strongest ill-health patterns.

The patterns affect our human body’s energies and produce ill-health.

Each 'pattern' acts like a fine curtain which interferes with your perception of the world. For example, if you have inherited a pattern of fear from an event in your life, you will see the world through this curtain of fear. It may be a low level of fear, but it will be there. Conversely, the rest of the world will also see you through that curtain of fear. It will interfere with your normal interactions with others. You may not be aware of it but it will interfere.

Imagine the cumulative effect then if there are many of these patterns.

As these are removed you gradually obtain a clearer undistorted view of life.

Others recognise the change in you.

Worries fade, a new, clearer, view of life and of yourself forms for you.

Negative or “poor” energy patterns sink down into the physical body, being stored in the tissues of the body.

Over a long period, and later in life, health is affected.

I claim that the removal of these patterns gives us better general health leading to longevity.

I would be pleased to discuss my work with you and to show you examples of the patterns that you carry.

Sessions arranged at The Clophill Centre in person or remotely by a telephone conversation.

Fee : £30 for a 1hour session contact Richard Diss at Clophill Centre

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