Ruth Humming Ford

Musician, Dancer, Sound Therapist & Medicine Woman

Ruth immerses her life in music and healing modalities in multiple ways and offers regular opportunities for others to explore themselves here at The Clophill Centre, including Singing groups, Dance Explorations through Shamanic trance and Sound Journeys.

Ruth has many years of experience in group work for all ages and abilities, this has led to a deeper knowledge and trust in the power of vibration to find the places where we may be stuck and release emotions, past stories and fear. Particularly through her continued work with the voice, Ruth has a way of encouraging even the most shy and reluctant singers to find their own path, to enjoy their own unique tones and share them without the pain and difficulty of old self-judgement patterns.

Studying and practising Shamanic medicine, along with 20+ years as a Reiki practitioner brings an approach that leans into nature, the seasonal whispers of the non-human world. Honouring all life as Sacred is really woven into the often non-verbal design behind all of Ruth's work.

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