The Womb

Honouring The Feminine

Through an eclectic mix of shamanic practices performed at “The Womb”, Su Bear creates unique experiences that will reconnect you to nature, humanity, your soul, and Spirit.

If you’re interested in personal development and spiritual growth, she’ll help you to discover the shamanic way of being that’s buried deep inside of you, whether you’re aware of it or not. The Womb is a place to immerse yourself in your inner space, as well as nature and the elements. Here, Su has worked with the Divine feminine to hold, nurture, love, and heal those in need for many years. Of late, however, she is shifting towards wholeness by bringing in the masculine. Her service offerings include outdoor herbal bath ceremonies, gong baths, sisterhood circles, full-moon drumming circles, drum birthing, and shamanic healing sessions.

Outdoor Herbal Bath Ceremonies

Come and experience an elemental bath upon Mother Earth. Your outdoor bath will be lovingly prepared in ceremony. Immerse yourself in the waters heated by fire, feel the wind kiss your skin, and allow yourself to enjoy deep relaxation surrounded by nature. You can choose to experience this ancient, sacred ritual in private, or be bathed if you so desire. Ask anyone who has been nurtured through this ceremony and they’ll confirm it’s like a homecoming – a journey back into the womb – where you’re once again totally safe and secure, immersed in warm water. Held within The Womb garden, Su Bear’s Outdoor Herbal Bath Ceremony is the place to receive feminine nurturement by a soul sister you can trust.

Full Moon Drumming Circles

When asked, why? Su replies with a cheeky grin, “Why not? Women have gathered around a fire for millennia. The drumbeat connects us as women to our tribal essence deep within,” she says. “It gives us the chance to unleash the wild part of us that has never been caged or tamed. We can let our hair down, run barefoot through the fields, and howl at the moon if we like.”

It’s an evening filled with fun, laughter, tears, and heartfelt conversation about relevant, pressing issues that affect us in everyday life. We’re a small intimate group made up of good friends and complete strangers who seek to connect with open-hearted sisters in a safe, sacred space. Come join us. Bring whatever emotions need to be expressed, released, and transformed by the element fire. Allow yourself to be open and honest about your life situation, good or bad. Come celebrate your individuality and let others experience the authenticity of your true heart as you make your way through life on your personal journey. Together, we nurture, love, and heal.

*If it’s raining the ceremony is performed in the yurt.

Sisterhood Circles

Throughout the ages, women got together regularly to share their thoughts and feelings. But in this modern world, we now live in a separated way. Sisterhood is all but lost in a frenetic blur of busy schedules, demanding jobs, screaming kids, and needy men. Through Sisterhood Circles, we acknowledge and honour our need to come together as women and talk in circle where everyone is equal. They’re about being seen and heard. We know from experience, it is helpful to hear yourself speak. There is a lot of power and wisdom to be gained from sharing your journey with others and hearing their stories too. It’s healthy for you to open up and be vulnerable in a safe, non-judgemental, loving environment. You don’t always need to wear a brave face for the world, especially through challenging times. Realizing you’re not alone builds self-confidence, strength, and resilience. We learn and grow from each other. Come experience true sisterly nurturing, love and compassion. You’ll meet interesting people and discover new ways of doing things.

Drum Birthing Ceremonies

The drum sound emulates the heartbeat – the first sound you ever heard in your mother’s womb. It is primal, ancestral, tribal, and intrinsic to soul connection. That’s why making your own drum from scratch is a deep, heart-centred journey to the very core of your being. On the way there, you may have to deal with “the internal stuff” that is blocking you from being in rhythm with the flow of life. This introspection is a necessary part of the process of birthing your own drum. In ceremony, you’ll choose your frame and essential materials, and be shown exactly what to do by expert drum makers.

Over two days and nights, your facilitators will help you to connect to your own heartbeat and build your drum from this place. They will lead you and guide you through this inner landscape as you craft your drum and future-self. The grand finale of this sacred event is the drum blessing. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to play your own distinctly personal drum in circle with other instruments of transformation before venturing out into a new world – one that is connected to your heart and soul.

Gong Bath Ceremonies

Simply put: A gong bath creates a glorious soundscape that lifts your soul into a dream state. The fine sounds gently nudge you from your busy mind and enable you to experience a deeper connection with your inner-self. From the instant the scented eye-pillow is lovingly placed over your brow and the first crystal clear sound rings through the air, your spirit is awakened and elevated. Somehow, you’re magically transported to a strange, beautiful, new realm where deep relaxation exists in layer upon layer of blissful consciousness.

Come to “The Womb” and immerse your being in this exotic, life-shifting experience. Feel deep inner connection as sound vibrations penetrate your skin, flesh, bones, and spirit. Expertly played by Su Bear, exquisite sound waves will wash away the tangled complexities of your mind and clear out those pesky worries and fears. You simply have to experience this ancient tool for peace and harmony to know.

Medicine Tools

“Ah, medicine tools!” Su giggles playfully, waving a smudge feature with a knowing glint in her eyes. Crafted in ceremony at the full and new moon, these handmade shamanic artefacts are excellent for cleaning and clearing yourself and others of old, unwanted energy. They’re a great way for beginners to get into shamanic practices with essential tools and for professionals to equip themselves for their trade.

Taught to make these sacred medicine tools by Mother Nature, Su tunes in to her inner-self, and lets Spirit guide her craft. She holds stock and makes on commission too (if it feels right.) Whether you need to deepen your connection with your power animal, decorate your hand-crafted drum with unique feather-clusters, or weave your special magic with custom-made alter-pieces that call to your soul, Su Bear is the craftswoman you need to find.

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