Do you carry Past Life residues that negatively influence your life?

Sun 25/9/22 - 10:00 am

Practitioner: Juanita Puddifoot
Venue: The Birch Room

Join Juanita for an experiential day, exercises and sharing the techniques of Deep Memory Process.  During this workshop we will explore the spiritual realm known in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy as the ‘Bardos’,  the intermediary states after death and before rebirth. Circulating in these vibrations are the unfinished karmic energies of previous lives. When the spirit descends into the earth plane it brings these karmic residues into the next life, bringing both positive and negative influences. Negative influences may manifest in your life today as unexplained feelings of guilt or betrayal; patterns of feeling abandoned, disconnected, or repeating relationships that are ultimately unsatisfying. All these feelings and many more may be residues of past lives that can be explored, understood and healed.

Join Juanita for a day to explore the past life residues you carry which are influencing your life in a restrictive way and interfering with the abundant life you could be living. Juanita will demonstrate how these echoes from the past can be brought into the light of consciousness and transformed.

Open to any one with a willingness to share Venue: Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Beds, MK45 4BT 

Early bird price £65 paid before 12th Sept and after this date £80 For further information and to secure a place contact Juanita  - tel 07455269891  or email

Juanita Puddifoot :- is a professional counsellor, therapist and International teacher and lecturer on various transpersonal subjects. Regression, Psychotherapy, Shamanism, Elemental Communication, Ancestor and Spirit Release.  

Juanita also runs a regular Phoenix Self Development evening group at Clophill - see page PHOENIX GROUP

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