Sarah Wale

Shiatsu Practitioner

Email: Telephone: 07770 942438

Sarah is a highly experienced Shiatsu practitioner and teacher and has been in practice for over 35 years. Shiatsu is an unusual body work therapy. It originates from Japan and is sometimes called Japanese physiotherapy.

It uses a unique combination of pressure, acupressure and stretch along-side gentle joint manipulation. It has excellent results with back and postural problems as well as being effective for stress and stress related conditions. Shiatsu can vary from gentle to more robust depending on the condition of the receiver and to an extent the style of the practitioner. Sarah’s extensive experience places her in an ideal position to tailor each treatment to the needs of her clients. People chose Shiatsu for many reasons such as recovery from sports injuries, general maintenance, well being and support whilst managing difficult periods in life or as part of management during recovery of more serious health conditions.

Sarah also holds classes in Qi Gong with Do-in; Body in Balance - Oriental exercises for health and vitality. See Classes/events page.  - Body Balance Classes

Please telephone above number for bookings or enquiries.

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